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我想当医生英语作文(I want to be a doctor)

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我想当医生英语作文(I want to be a doctor)

 Yesterday, we had a discussion. The topic is. What is my dream? Every one has his dream.  Some want to be teachers,others want to be scientists. My dream is to become a doctor.
      My friends asked me why. I told them my story. When I was a small boy I was very weak. Once I was terribly iii. I had a high fever. My parents sent me to the hospital but the doctors could do nothing for me.  Then my parents heard there was a very good doctor in another town. They took me there. I was saved.
      A good doctor can save people' s lives.  From then on I decided to become a doctor. I know it is not easy to be a doctor.But I am determined to study hard.  I am sure my dream will come true. 

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