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我的生日英语作文 MY BIRTHDAY

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MY BIRTHDAY 我的生日:昨天是我生日,所以有几位我的同班同学送我礼.母亲给我准备一个茶会.我邀请他们都前来参加.

要有中文翻译My birthday is on 几月几日.

i celebrate it every year with my family and my friends.every year,i hold a little birthday party and invite my friends over. we chat and play a lot of games together. the best part of it is that i love the birthday cake and the gifts i get from my parents and my friends. i also get some money on my birthday.i can buy what i want with the money. i have great fun on my birthdays. but on the other hand, i also understand that i am 1 year older after each birthday. and that means i should be more responsible for myself and i should also my self-aware. i should understand more things and be less ignorant!fianlly, i should be thankful for my parents,i know they have done their best in raising me up.

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