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英语日记带翻译80字 题目:My Best Friends(我 最好的朋友)

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题目:My Best Friends(我 最好的朋友)
I have a lot of friends in my class at school, but three of them are my best friends. My friends make me very happy. When I get in a bad mood, my friends will comfort me. We always play basketball together. That is the funniest time in my life. My three best friends are James, David, and Jackson. We all have our hobbies and one of them is playing basketball. David is the shortest among the four of us, but he is the best player. Jackson is good at art, he can make lots of models with many kinds of paper. James is a good Boy Scout. He is in a scout group at school. I am glad that I have these good friends, they make me happy everyday. 如果觉得英语日记带翻译80字 题目:My Best Friends(我 最好的朋友)不错,可以推荐给好友哦。
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