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  1,goofy: They were worrying about their goofy kids.


  2,grand: Give me two grands and the car will be yours.


  3,groovy: His Mom made some groovy art.






  6,vibes: I have bad vibes about that person.


  7,up: He has been up since married.


  8,veg: He veg out in front of TV all the time.



  10, fishy 可疑的。

  That sounds fishy.

  11, drag 没劲的事

  It's such a drag to deal with them again and again.

  12, roll 走,离开。(今天还听一人说Ready to roll?来着)

  Are you ready to roll? Let's roll.

  13, nuts 疯

  Are you nuts? The trafic drives me nuts.

  14, freak out 紧张害怕

  Don't freak out if cops pull you over.

  15, rip off 骗了(钱了)

  I realized I was ripped off after payed $200 for these shoes.

  16, bug 讨厌

  Stop bugging me with your plan. I won't do it with you

  17 shrink =A psychotherapist 心理医生

  18 airhead =A silly, rather unintelligent person.

  His girlfriend is an airhead.

  19 a-yo 比较随便的打招呼,近似于"What' up?" "Hey!"

  20 buzz 打电话 Give me a buzz when you reach home.

  31 bread =money. breadwinner 养家的人

  32 booty 屁股 Check out her booty!

  33 boob 乳房

  34 cheesey 很没品味,很土=corny

  The gift I receieved from Ryan is cheesey.

  35 cig cigarette的缩写 You got a cig?

  36 crap =nonsense

  What he said is crap. Don't believe a word of it.

  37 f-u-c-ked up 可以表达很多意思,比如“糟透了,笨死了”

  You are pretty f-u-c-ked up.

  38 freaky =weird

  He's a freaky guy.=He is a freak.

  39 flick =movie

  That was a good flick.

  40 get on (one's) nerves =to annoy

  You really get on my nerves.


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