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  This review is followed by an introduction.  公文写作常用句子
  l     A brief summary of some of the relevant concepts in xxx and xxx is prese
  nted in Section 二.
  l     In the next section a brief view of the .... is given. 
  l     In the next section, a short review of ... is given with special regard
  l     Section 一 devoted to the basic aspects of the FLC decision?making
  to ...
  l     Section 二 reviews relevant research related to xx.
  l     Section 一.一 briefly surveys the motivation for a methodology of action,
  while 一.二 looks at the difficulties posed by the complexity of systems and out
  lines the need for development of possibility methods.
  l     Section 一 defines the notion of robustness, and argues for its importanc
  l     Section 一 devoted to the basic aspects of the FLC decision?making
  l     Section 二 gives the background of the problem which includes xxx
  l     Section 二 discusses some problems with and approaches to, natural langua
  ge understanding.公文写作常用句子
  l     Section 二 explains how flexibility which often ... can be expressed in t
  erms of fuzzy time?window
  l     Section 三 discusses the aspects of fuzzy set theory that are used in the
  l     Section 三 describes the system itself in a general way, including the ..
  and also discusses how to evaluate system performance.
  l     Section 三 describes a new measure of xx.
  l     Section 三 demonstrates the use of fuzzy possibility theory in the analys
  is of xx.
  l     Section 三 is a fine description of fuzzy formulation of human decision.
  l     Section 三, is developed to the modeling and processing of fuzzy decision
  l     The main idea of the FLC is described in Section 三 while Section 四 descr
  ibes the xx strategies.诗词名句
  l     Section 三 and 四 show experimental studies for verifying the proposed mod
  l     Section 四 discusses a previous fuzzy set?based approach to cost va
  riance investigation.公文写作常用句子
  l     Section 四 gives a specific example of xxx.
  l     Section 四 is the experimental study to make a fuzzy model of memory proc
  l     Section 四 contains a discussion of the implication of the results of Sec
  l     Section 四 applies this fuzzy measure to the analysis of xx and illustrat
  tion 二 and 三.

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