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英语演讲比赛主持词   I remember that at the beginning of my coming to America, I often went to my father's working place, the United States Geological Survey, to have fun. Each time I found a lot of people riding bicycles to their offices. Among the cyclists, an old man with white hair attracted my attention. Curiously, I asked my father," Why does the old man ride his bike to work every day? Doesn't he have enough money to buy a car?" Father laughed, "No, not because of money. Actually, he is one of the greatest scientists in the world. He can afford to buy a motorcade if he likes. He is just an environmentalist and usually doesn't drive unless going shopping, or in bad weather. In America, there are a lot of environmentalists, who actively protect their environment. For example, in Palo Alto city we are living now, there is even a bicycle-to-work day on May 一九th every year to encourage people to decrease air pollution caused by cars". 英语演讲比赛主持词 
  Several years ago, I was very lucky to have an opportunity to live in the United States for about two years. I not only enjoyed the beautiful environment there, but also appreciated the American people's active way of protecting their environment. Now, whenever the environment protection is mentioned, a beautiful view of California will arise in my mind: white clouds flying across the blue sky, green grassplot sprinkled with colorful flowers and small animals playing happily among the trees.
  A&B: certainly, it is a perfect contest. I want to hear more, but it's time to say "goodbye"
  B:yeah,i am sure it will be a super contest.I think 英语演讲比赛主持词 
  everybody wants to hear their speeches,right?
  A:I hope that you will enjoy their lectures
  and learn something from them.
  B:OK,let's welcome No.一 from class一to give us a speech.he is ……
  A:wow,what a wonderful speech. do you think No.二 will be better than her/him. ok,let's go and see.
  B:it's not bad. i like this story.Let's welcome No.三 to tell a story. it is ……

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