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Over eleven years of extensive computer/electronics experience.Versed in both digital and analog electronicswith specific emphasis on computer hardware/software.Special expertise in system and component evaluation.Network supervisor responsible for installing/maintaining Arcnet LAN system.Proficient in assembly and C programming languagesL.Excellent communication skills including written,verbal and interpersonal.
IBM:WordPerfect,Word for Windows;Maclntosh:Microsoft Word,FileMaker.

AT&T and Compaq PC's with Samna program;data entry,CRT,typing(55wpm)

IBM and Macintosh.Lotus 1-2-3 and Microsoft Word.

IBM:WordPerfect,Excel and rBase.

Proficientin Microsoft Word,WordPerfect,Lotus 1-2-3,and Quark.
Working knowledge of the French language.

Typing(60 wpm),Shorthand(60-70 wpm),WANG Word Processing,knowledge of other word processing systems.Fluency in German,good verbal and written communications skills.

Systems:Lexitron,PTS100,IBM Personal Computer
Software:WordStar,Accounting Plus,Symphony,Lotus 1-2-3,WordPerfect,DOS,Microsoft Word

At school I won a scholarship and the first prize in speech contest.

I have received an ordinary English education,and have a slight knowledge of Spanish.I took a Spanish course in college.

I can write shorthand at the rate of 120 words per minute,and typewriting at 55 words English.

At school I won a scholarship and the first prize in speech contest.

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