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Low Carbon Living

I think it is easy to live a low carbon life if you want to make our life better . Here are some pieces of advice:

Travel by bus,bike or on foot as much as possible and ask our parents to drive as little as possible.

Plant trees as many as you can.Trees can help to make the air cooler in summer.

Turn off the lights if it isn't necessary to keep them on.

Of course, there are many other things we can do in our everyday life.After all,the Earth is our common home.If everyone makes samll changes,we can make a different.

To build a harmonious campus

Our school is like our home. We should try ro build up a harmonious campus.

First of all,the students in our school should work hard at our lessons.After school, we'd better take an active part in all kinds of activities to help improve our health and study.

Second,we should be friendly to one another.We should respect our teathers and get on well with our classmates.We must obey our school rules.

Third,it is our duty to keep the school yard clean and tidy.We shouldn't throw trash around or pick flowers.

Let's do our best to make our school beautiful.

The environment protection

Good environment can make people feel happy and fit.I took part in the "Environment Protector" activity with my classmates today.In the morning,we set off for *** Park at half past eight by bus.When we got there we found that some childern were climbing trees.The walls were covered with graffiti.There was a lot of rubbish on the ground.We began to pick up the rubbish on the ground.We also planted some trees.All of us worked very hard!

We think it's our duty to take care of our environment.We should do everything we can to protect the environment.If everyone makes a contribution to protecting the environment,the world will become a better place to live in.

This is me

I have studied in middle school for two years.Every day i listen to the teachers carefully and finish my homework on time.I often go over my lessons,too.Sometimes I prepare for the new lessons,but not always.I like reading,but I don't have much time.

In all,I am doing quite well in class and after class,but I still need to improve my learning habits.

In the future,I will do more preparation before class.I should go over the lesson I learned before.And i will read more books and form a good reading habir.





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