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第一篇:Today my parents took me to my grandfather’s house. I played with my cousin. Suddenly my cousin suggested going to the park and having a rest. “that’s a good idea.” I said. Then we prepared for the traveling. After lunch, the sky turned dark. After that , it rained heavily. It meant our plan is impossible. What a pity day!


Tomorrow is New Year’s Day, my family have had a completely cleaning for two days. Then my father and I decorated our flat and my mother cooked delicious food for our meal. After supper we watched TV program. How happy we were!


The day after yesterday I received 2000 yuan from my relatives as my pocket money. I was so happy but my father and mother said that I should give a half to them and the rest would be my pocket money in one year. “what!” I shouted.


第二篇:Today, I play at the park together with cousin and we played pirate ship.Lead a mountain car etc. breathtaking game.Then we again go to dozen table tennis, although I isn't good at to play table tennis still have lots of fun very satisfactory.But night of the color of the sky we have to go home, but today we still play of very happy!!!


第三篇:Today is Sunday.It's also a good day. I got up at 7'oclock ,because my family will go to the zoo. After the breakfast ,I took a camara and went to the station waited for the bus together with my family.

It's already 9'oclock when we arrived at the zoo. my father bought three ticket and we entered the gate.

There are so many monkeys,tighers,lions,wolves and other animials in the zoo. there are also many birds ,but I can't call theirs names in English.

we took some photoes in the zoo with the animials,when the photoes will be printed, I will show them in my class.

The time passed so fast, we left the zoo at 1'oclock PM.

I am so glad today,I will go to bed early tonight .








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