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    Over the past years. Our country has been serious environmental pollution, large dust storms occurred time and time again in our country, seriously affecting people's lives so that we find it difficult to survive. Green will be turned into a desert grass, trees will always fall to the ground, and we will not be a happy life: the well-being of no, no relatives, and even the survival of our planet will disappear in the vast universe. However, this is not only a disaster caused by dust storms.
      Now, even the Antarctic pollution damage has been. Therefore, the earth lost its last piece of the Pure Land. Taishan original was a good place for people to watch, even protected areas have become.
      And we, can only stand on it, should we be looking at this beautiful and fragile planet it will disappear forever in the world? Since then, we can see the wind and see the grass and sheep, white clouds below the kind of horse race scene it? Although we are only students, but we can also make some contribution to his hometown, so that will be the rise of the West in the hope that 如果觉得保护环境征文:保护环境的英语作文不错,可以推荐给好友哦。
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