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英语作文我最敬佩的人 My Father

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My Father
A Person Who I Admire
In my life, the one who I admire the most is my father.
My father is a businessman. He is broad-minded and rich in love and compassion. Each time when he saw the people who were in difficulties, he would put out his hand to help them. "Money is limited while love is priceless", he often says.
My father loves me very much; he has never yelled or scolded to me. When I made mistakes, he always told me with kind and pleasant countenance what I had done wrong and let me know what was right. Whenever I was perplexed by a tough question in my study, I asked my dad, and then he would always explain it to me softly and patiently. If by worried me not understood the explanations, my dad always told me to be calm and confident.
Well, here is my father, a person who gives me great education, which makes me understand a lot about this world, which is life-long unforgettable, and forever benefits.



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