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my summer holiday 难忘的暑假 暑假里最难忘的事

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my summer holiday 难忘的暑假 暑假里最难忘的事

The weather is just too hot this summer.  When I was watching TV last Friday's night, I heard cries and shouts of 'Fire!'.  I ran to the window and looked out from it.  I saw that the row of shops opposite my house was on fire.

I quickly telephoned the fire-brigade and rushed out to help the fire-victims.  Soon the fire-engine arrived.  They tried very hard to to put out the fire.  A fireman managed to rescue an old man who was trapped in one of the burning shops.  Many people were gathered there to see the firemen at work.  Some were helping to put out the fire while others were helping the fire victims.  It took a few hours for the firemen to put out the fire.

It was a sad moment for everyone because the fire had destroyed a number of shops.  Luckily no life was lost and none was injured.  It was an unforgettable night for me during my summer holidays.

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