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关于父母的英语作文 关于感恩父母的英语作文

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关于父母的英语作文 关于感恩父母的英语作文
 要求1呼吁社会尊重父母 2尊敬父母是中华民族的传统美德 3记住父母的生日,有事要向父母打招呼等 4是独生子女 5要有50个词
  Dear dad and mum,you're so selfless that you always keep all good things for me.You're so diligent that you keep on working all day long in order to make a living.Thank you for giving my life.Thank you for your love.Please believe me.I will try my best,I want to see the smile in your eyes.I love you forever .

  关于感恩的英语作文 感谢母亲 Mama, thank you for so many years of my education and training, ignorance of the past, I always Jalan you angry, but now I grow up, self-reliance, and I feel that I should not be so naive, and her mother, I will work hard Learning, you will not live up to my expectations! Really very grateful to my mother to take care of. When I was sick, my mother is always in every possible way to take care of me. When I failed the examination, the mother also encouraged me to refuel, not to become disheartened. Really grateful to my mother has done, I know it was my mother I love the performance, really would like to thank my mother. I think in this world, I love you people, my mother.

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