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分析父母与子女产生矛盾的原因,改善关系的建议 的相关的英文作文.100词以上

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It is quite common for parents to beat their children, because they think eating is a good way to make children learn and behave well. One of my neighbors made a very strict demand on his son and scolded him bitterly or smacked(稍带特定味道) him whenever he was lazy or disobedient(违抗命令的). To justify(辩解) what he did, he said,” spare the rod and ruin the child.” 
Actually beating is a violent way of treating children. It does more harm and causes more hurt than good to children’s physical and psychological health. However, beating children is common occurrence(出现) in our life. Many children become disable because their parents hit them too hard. Some lost their hearing and some became lame(跛脚的). Some children develop an internal(内在的) hatred(憎恨) for their parents and protest(抗议) by running away from home. Others may become so fearful of their parents that they tremble(发抖) at the sight of their angry parents. A mother, for example, even went so far as to beat her son to death because she was not satisfied with his study. Likewise(同样地), it is not unusual that the child murdered(凶杀) his parents because of the extreme contradiction(矛盾) between them. How can children learn and grow healthily under such circumstance(环境)?  www.b9b8.com(www.b9b8.com)
Quite often parents will be torn by pangs(剧痛) of regret(懊悔) and remorse(自责) after they have beaten their children. They feel very sad in the rest of their lives. But it is already too late. How can they bring their handicapped(有生理缺陷的) child back to healthy one? How can they relieve(减轻) pains in their children’s heart so easily? We can say beating hurts both children and parents. It is absolutely a bad way to make children learn and behave well. 
Exactly speaking, children are also human beings. They have self-respect and should be respected. Parents should understand and guide them by advising, persuading and reasoning. They may criticize(批评) them without hurting their self-respect, without crushing(支离破碎的) them. But parents should never resort(求助) to the violent, inhumane(残忍的) way of beating!

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