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一天 我看见一本书里写着很有意思的事情:在特定的情况下,塑料瓶会成为他们的水,肥皂泡。我想这是非常有意思的事情^
    One day, I saw the book on such a funny thing: If under certain conditions, plastic bottles will be their "water", blowing bubbles. I think this is very interesting experiment, they intend to do their own time, to figure out why the bottle will "drink" bubble blowing.

  In accordance with the book on the tips of my better prepare the following materials: a few of the flexible straw, a platter, a glass of tap water, a cup of hot water, a cup of ice water, adhesive tape, rubber cement, ink, a large plastic bottle. After everything is ready, I start to do the experiment.

  The first step, I used rubber cement to seal the bottle, and then inserted into a straw.

  The second step, I put adhesive tape with another straw straw with the first linking the root, so that it can tap into the cup.

  The third step is to look for the experimental situation will be, I put the ink back into the water dyed blue.

  The fourth step, I put the bottle into a large plate and then bending straw, insert cup water.

  Only four more than the pre-preparation step, the next step in the experimental situation to appear. First, I carefully poured with hot water bottle in the plastic wall, did not start one movement, so I continue to上浇water bottle while watching the glass movement, and pretty soon, actually begins from the straw in the bubble! Next on the bottle, "drink" the. I have been part of the refrigerator ice out of the ice water, poured瓶壁to go, seems to start one failed. I continue to be patient to repeat the action just as he eyes a straw. Hard work pays off, ah, drops from a straw in a true blue ink, the bottle, "drink" again! My experiment a success!

  Included in this experiment is a scientific reason热胀冷缩has the characteristics of objects. When the hot irrigated to the outside wall of plastic bottles, the bottle thermal expansion of the air, went to the glass, which increases stress, put a cup of water pressure to get out bubbles on a straw; and when the ice water outside the wall of water into the bottle, the bottle the air was cooling, the pressure inside the small, water will run into the bottle.

  I also know a lot about life热胀冷缩the situation, really funny, love the students use their brains, let us explore together!

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