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关于医生的英语作文 做医生理想的英语作文(带翻译)

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关于医生的英语作文 做医生理想的英语作文



英语作文 我的梦想我的梦想作文800字我的梦想作文600字我的梦想作文500字我的梦想作文400字我的梦想作文300字我的梦想 作文我的梦中国梦作文我的梦 作文关于医生的英语作文最好答案为:  

  I want be a doctor 我想成为一名大夫

I hope I can become a doctor in the future.I was born in a doctor`s family.My parents are both doctors.They are always busy working for patients` health and h***e no time to look after me.They s***ed many people`s lives during their work.The doctor is called "Angles in White".Because doctor may let these experience personally the human which the indisposition suffers to get rid of the pain. May let the human change the health. At the same time, I believed that, will help others, own also to be able to obtain joyfully. Therefore,i wish to be a doctor like my parents.I hoped future I might be a doctor.


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  Maybe I`ll become a doctor. If I become a doctor,I will work with patients.Ilove the job,because I wantto help lots of people,and hope everyone in good health. Maybe I`ll become a good cook,but my cook is so bad, I think I can`t do that, and I don`t like staying in the kitchen everyday. I think being a good cook for me is impossible. So I will be a doctor. 

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