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My good friend's name is called SARA.  
Me and she together grows up since childhood.  
Is the very good very good friend.  
She is very lovable.  
Has a pair of enchanting big eye, small cheek, long hair.  
Her all are such perfect as if.  
Her personal connection unusual good!  
Sometimes I also very much envy her!  
A Happy Day  
Last Sunday, I visited my grandmother.  
We listened to music and planted flowers.  
I counted the flowers.  
There were ten.  
Then I helped my grandmother cook lunch.  
When we finished, I washed the dishes and she cleaned the kitchen.  
In the evening, I watched TV and played the violin at home, It was fun.  
Chinese new year  
I like the Chinese new year better than any other festival.  
This is a time especially for rest and joy.  
I need not study.  
I wear good clothes and eat good food.  
I have a good time from morning till night.  
I am as happy as a king.  
My Friend's Birthday  
Today is monday.  
It is also my friend's birthday.  
I sent a beautiful gift to him.  
He is very happy!We play games at his home.  
We danced,sang and so on.  
His mather bought a big birthday cake.  
It is very delicious!  
I like it very much!  
This day I'm very happy! 如果觉得英语作文500字不错,可以推荐给好友哦。
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