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 Many people often use "mental illness" to scold one another. It is obversely that people always have some social prejudice on the "mental illness".
    In many cases, psychopaths always refuse to be given medication. No one can deny that it is disbeneficial to them,but the problem is not so simple.We must realize that the enforced behavior against the respondent's will ,such as injection of mind-altering drugs ,is highly offensive to their dignity and autonomy. To some sufferers, the word "normal" is so boring,they really hate this,and I have to say that they also own the right to stand on their dignity!
    As a final comment, I should say that no matter how terrible the people may be, they should be entitled to make decision and there is on doubt that prejudice should be avoided in society. 如果觉得小学英语作文读后感200字不错,可以推荐给好友哦。
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