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  A. Title:Globle Shortage of Fresh Water
  B. Word Limit: about 200 words
  C. Your composition should
be based on the Outline given in Chinese below:
  1. 人们认为淡水是取之不尽的(提示:雨水,河水,井水)
  2. 实际上淡水是短缺的(提示:人口增加,工业用水增加,污染严重)
  3. 我们应当怎么办(提示:节约用水,开发新水源)
  例文: Global Shortage of Fresh Water
  People often think that water will never be used up. There is plenty of water, such as rain, water from the rivers and wells. It seems as if water is always available around us and we never have to worry about water shortage.
  In fact water is rather limited on the earth. With the rapid increase of population and fast development of industries, water is more needed than before. At the same time, a large amount of water has been polluted and wasted every day. Some big cities in China are facing the problem of water shorage already. There, water supply is controlled and industry has been restrained.
  What should we do about the water shorage? I think, first, the people should be made aware of the real situation about the water. Everyone should consciously save on water and certain law should be made that no water will be polluted. We have to protect the existing water resources and develop new ones. In this way I believe that our cities will not be thirsty for water in the future.

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