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  1.The news will horrify everyone.

  A. attract B. terrify C. tempt D. excite

  2.The article sketched the major events of the decade.

  A. described B. offered C. outlined D. presented

  3.I won't tolerate that kind of behavior.

  A. bear B. accept C. admit D. take

  4.Their style of playing football is utterly different.

  A. barely B. scarcely C. hardly D. totally

  5.Her sister urged her to apply for the job.

  A. advised B. caused C. forced D. promised

  6.Even sensible men do absurd things.

  A. unusual B. ridiculous C. special D. typical

  7.She bumped inot her boyfriend in town this morning.

  A. walked B. came C. fled D. ran

  8.This sort of thing is bound to happen.

  A. sure B. quick C. fast D. swift

  9.At the age of 30,Hersey suddenly became a celebrity.

  A. boss B. manager C. star D. dictator

  10.He cannot discriminate between a good idea and a bad one.

  A. judge B. assess C. distinguish D. recognize

  11.They are concerned for the fate of the forest and the lndians who dwell in it.

  A. live B. sleep C. hide D. gather

  12.The index is the government's chief gauge of future economic activity.

  A. method B. measure C. way D. manner

  13.The architecture is harmonious and no building is over six-storey high.

  A. old-fashioned B. traditional C. conventional D. balanced

  14.The food is inadequate for ten people.

  A. demanded B. qualified C. insufficient D. required

  15.She persevered in her ideas despite obvious objections raised by friends.

  A. persisted B. insisted C. resisted D. suggested



When We Are Asleep

  Everyone dreams,but some people never recall their dreams,or do so very rarely. Other people always wake up with vivid recollections (记忆) of their dreams,though they forget them very quickly. In an average night of eight hours' sleep,an average adult will dream for around one hundred minutes,probably having three to five dreams,each lasting from ten to thirty minutes.

  Scientists can detect when someone is having a dream by using an instrument which measures the electrical waves in the brain. During dreaming, these waves move more quickly. Breathing and pulse rate also increase,and there are rapid eye movements under the lids, just as though the dreamer were really looking at moving objects. These signs of dreaming have been detected in all mammals (哺 乳动物) studied, including dogs, monkeys, cats, and elephants, and also some birds and reptiles (爬行动物). This period of sleep is called the "D" state for around 50% of their sleep;the period reduces to around 25% by the age of 10.

  Dreams take the form of stories,but they may be strange and with incidents not connected,which make little sense. Dreams are seldom without people in them and they are usually about people we know. One estimate says that two-thirds of the "cast" of our dream dramas are friends and relations. Vision seems an essential part of dreams,except for people blind from birth. Sound and touch are senses also often aroused,but smell and taste are not frequently involved. In "normal" dreams,the dreamer may be taking part,or be only an observer. But he or she cannot control what happens in the dream.

  However, the dreamer does have control over one type of dream. This type of dream is called a "lucid"(清醒的) dream. Not everyone is a lucid dreamer. Some people are occasional lucid dreamers. Others can dream lucidly more or less all the time. In a lucid dream,the dreamer knows that he is dreaming.

  16.Some people dream but cannot remember their dreams.

  A. Right  B. Wrong  C. Not mentioned

  17.In an average night,males dream longer than females.

  A. Right  B. Wrong  C. Not mentioned

  18.When we dream,there is less movement of electrical waves in our brains.

  A. Right  B. Wrong  C. Not mentioned

  19.Babies dream less than older children.

  A. Right  B. Wrong  C. Not mentioned

  20.Most dreams involve the people we played with when we were young.

  A. Right  B. Wrong  C. Not mentioned

  21.We rarely smell things in dreams.

  A. Right  B. Wrong  C. Not mentioned

  22.In a lucid dream we can use Morse code to communicate with others.

  A. Right  B. Wrong  C. Not mentioned


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