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初中英语全英说课稿 初中英语说课稿范文

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  This period is from Unit 三 of 九A Oxford English. First of all,I’d like to talk about my understanding about this lesson.We have learned Star sings in Unit 一 and Colours and moods in Unit 二.We have also learned how to write a formal recommendation letter and how to write a report on the moods of people in last two units.Today we are going to learn two letters to a famous youth worker about Millie’s and Simon’s problems.So this unit links with a special meaning of Unit 一 and Unit 二.This period is the first lesson of Reading.The main idea of the topic is how to express their problems and ask for advice.We are going to learn the ways to deal with problems and stress in following lessons.So this period is very important in this unit.初中英语全英说课稿 
  Part 一 Teaching material analysis
  Part 二 Teaching aims
  一.Aims of the knowledge:
  (一)To know the spelling of some words and usage of some phrases.
  (二)To learn something about Millie’s and Simon’s problems.
  (三)To grasp the main idea of Reading and use
  asking the Ss to grasp contents of each Sample. To attain “four skills” request of listening, speaking, reading and writing. To start listing “Word Bank” and tell the Ss to remember the new words. To start asking the Ss to write the English sentences well. Therefore this lesson is in the important position of the teaching material.
  二.This lesson is the first one of Unit 二.So if the Ss can learn it well, it will be helpful to make the Ss learn the rest of this unit. 初中英语全英说课稿 
  三.Such a topic is related to daily life, so it is helpful to raise learning interests of students and it will be also helpful to improve their spoken English.
  The Ss has learned English for about one month so far. They can understand some words and some simple sentences. The Ss have taken a great interest in English now.
  The teaching aim\'s basis is established according to Junior School English syllabus\' provision.
  一.Knowledge objects
  (一) To make the Ss know how to use the affirmative sentence “This is. . . .” and the negative sentence “This is not….”Everyday expressions for “Apologies”“I\'m sorry”“That\'s all right”.
  (二) To study the new words “six, hey, sorry, it’s, that’s”, etc. by learning the dialogue of this lesson.
  (三) To finish some exercises.
  二.Ability objects 初中英语全英说课稿 
  (二) To train the Ss’ ability of working in pairs.
  (一) To develop the Ss’ abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

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