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  Yesterday, I read a book, the name of the book is《Dr Bethune》.英语读书笔记 
  this paper is a review about web usage mining. it introduced web usage mining in detail . although it is a little old for it was published in XX its contents are very useful today . it is organized according to the sequence of web usage mining and the six main parts are introduction which tells me what is web usage mining the sources and abstraction of web data the three steps of web usage mining taxonomy and project survey websift overview privacy issues .
  Dr Bethune was a famous doctor From Canada. In 一九三八, he came to China. At that time , China was at war with Japan. He worked as a doctor in the Chinese army and saved many soldiers’ lives. He worked very hard and became sick. Dr Bethune died in 一九三九. He was only 四九 years old. He was a good man and we remember him today.
  I think the book isvery good!英语读书笔记 
  三.  Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea   海底两万里
  Story started in 一八六六. Aronnax, a natural historian, was studying for a large monster under the sea. At that time, the monster’s massagers were traveling around the world. After the investigation, he would return from aboard. And then he received an invitation from sea forces of America. So he was going to make the monster die out.
  四   Brown Eyes              棕眼
  Peter and Susan arrived at their hotel in Lea-on-Sea. They always visit a beautiful island every year. But this time, they meet a man who pretends to be Peter. He has the same face as Peter by his mask. He is Stephen Griggs. He killed Susan and takes out his mask, and then gives Peter the gun! In this way, peter was caught by the police.
  in my opinion the success of this paper dues to three reasons . the first reason is the profound computer knowledge owned by the authors 英语读书笔记 
  the third and fourth parts are most important .  it had a list of existing project about web usage mining which i saw many times in other papers but this paper is the one creating this list . besides it has been referred for more then twenty times . as we all know that the higher the referred number is the more important the paper is so i consider this paper to be an important and successful one in this region.

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