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英语作文书信格式><零oooo 答复采取率:九.七% 二零零八-一零-零三 零一:零九 Dear Anny,Glad to hear from you. How is everything going on? I'm very fine. Our city is a very beautiful city, you might know, our China develops very city and now there are more and more beautiful buildings built in our city. People are very friendly to others, if you come, you must feel as if you are at home. And the life condition has become better, more and more people get rich.I think when you come to our city, you'll fall in love with it at once.Miss you Your Nancy                         谢谢~~~*-*!
  Hong Kong                    英语作文书信格式                                               七 th June, 二零零零 Dear David, I am very sorry that I could not meet you last night. I hope that you did not wait too long outside the New York Theatre. I had to look after my small brother until my mother returned home. She spent a long time at the doctor’s and she arrived home very late. I am all the way to the bus stop, but I had already missed the bus. And so I decided to get on a train and I arrived at the New York Theatre at eight o’clock. I didn’t think that you would still be there because It was three quarters of an hour late. I do hope that you will forgive me.  Anyway, how about next Friday?                                                              Love,                                                                                                                                        Sue
  Dear  Michael,
  Best  wishes!  /  The  best  regards!
  Yours  sincerely,
  Li  Ming
  I  am  a  staff  member    your  company/corporation.
  I  am  a  freshman/sophomore/junior/senior/undergraduate/graduate    the  Department  of  Chinese  Language  and  Literature  of  Beijing  University.
  I  am  writing  the  letter  in  purpose  of  ordering  some  books/resigning    my  current  post/position.
  A  表现谢谢
  (一)  My  appreciation  to  you  for  your  generous  help  is  beyond  words.
  (二)  Words  fail  me  when  I  want  to  express  my  sincere  gratitude  to  you.
  (三)  I  take  this  opportunity  to  show  my  heartfelt  appreciation  for  the  kind  assistance  you  rendered  me.
  B  等待复书
  (一)  I  am  looking  forward  to  your  reply/hearing    you  soon.
  (二)  I  look  forward  to  a  favorable  reply  at  your  earliest  convenience.

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