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Name:Guan Jian Wei       English Name :WIN
Personal Data:

Sex:male      Age:23     Height: 183 cm   Weight: 75kg   Blood Type: B
Arital Status :Single  Native Place: Xingtai city  of  Hebei  province , China  
Email:win888jianwei@126.com. Mobil Tel:13736335583
Educational Background

    Major: Business Administration
    Graduate school: Hebei  University                    
    Degree: Bachelor

20xx.9--20xx.6   HEBEI QIHUANGDAO EDUCATION COLLEGE            Learning english
20xx0.9—20xx.09 , Hebei  University .       Learning  company adminstration knowledge by myself mainly.
Academic Main Courses:
    Management of Human Resources/Production andBusiness Administration Operation Management/Strategic Management/Quality Management/Marketing/International Trade/Principles of Management/Groundwork of Accounting/Economic Law and so on
English Skills:
    Have a good command of both spoken and written English.
Computer Abilities:
    Skilled in use of Windows / Office20xx

Self Assessment:

a energetic, adaptable and able man, is cooperative . and honest to others

Employment Experience :   

Employment Experience :   
20xx/6--20xx/10  sale car accessories kits to abroad in WENZHOU QISHIJIAYIN CAR ACCESSORIES CO.,LTD

20xx/10--20xx/3   General Manager Assistant

assist the manager to open a good market to sale car accessories in Southeast Asia ,2 million RMB per month now,and it will be added month by month.

Position Wanted:
    To obtain a challenging position as an assistant for a manage,especially in Human Resource Management/ Sale Part.

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