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I have the honor to present a brief introduction of myself to you in compliance with the requirements of your graduate admission.

Room 425 Building 7# South District
Nanchang University, Jiangxi 330029
TEL:(0791) 8146783 6261250 E-Mail:xhailong@sina.com Homepage:http://xhilo.51.net/
Xie haihua


To obtain a challenging position as a software engineer, Communication and Electronic Products Develop/Design engineer, Hardware maintenance engineer, Computer Network programmer with an emphasis in software/hardware design and development.


1996.9-1999.7 NO.19 Middle school in Nanchang
1999.9-20xx.7 Electronic and Information Engineering Institute of Nanchang University   

Academic Main Courses

signal and system, circuit analysis, low frequency electronic circuit, communication electronic circuit, digital logic circuit, digital signal processing, electromagnetic field theory, EDA, MCS-51, software technique, television principles, principle of automatic control, communication theory, computer communication network, microcomputer theory and application and so on.

Computer Abilities

Skilled in use of Win 9x/2k, Linux , Microsoft Office, WPS OA software; VB,VF Programming software; Photoshop, Protel 99 Graphic processing software; SQL server software; Dreamweaver, Flash, Frontpage Homepage making software; and ASP, HTML, JAVA, JS, CSS Network Language and so on. Past National Computer Rank 3B

English Skills

Have a general command of both spoken and written English: Past CET-4

Scholarships and Awards

1.1999.9-20xx.9 Gain Second-class Scholarship four times, Third-class one time
2.20xx.9-20xx.9 Gain "Triple-A pupil""Excellent league member"and "Excellent
3.20xx.05 Gain student electronic and computer knowledge contest Second-class prize
4.20xx.12 Gain scholastic fingering competition Third-class prize


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