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The basic personal resume

Name: Yang Yong Nationality: China

At present Location: Guangzhou nation: Han

Account Location: Shantou build: 161 cm ? kg

Marital status: single Age: 23-year-old

Training Certification: honesty badge:

Job search intention and work experience

Personnel types: fresh graduates ?

Job applicants: logistics categories: transport management, scheduling Administrative / Personnel category

Work Experience: 0 Title: Title

Job type: full-time can be filled - at any time

Salary requirements: 1500 - 20xx hope that the working areas: Guangzhou and Shenzhen

Personal experience:

■ new city Beauty (August 20xx to September 20xx)

Job Title: buyers Company description: the sale of the jewelry store operator

Job description: the purpose of purchasing a few points to find out about the goods through cargo than against, price negotiations, the purchase of suitable products.

Causes of separation: short-term part-time

■ Unicom Guangzhou Branch (April 20xx to June 20xx)

Job Title: Ombudsman Company description: China Unicom Ltd. is approved by the State Council set up the large state-owned communications enterprises, currently the only one integrated telecommunications companies.

Job description: to find the people responsible for the hotel restaurant, with its chat consultations, on the Company's business and allow confidence-building, business support, this is a realization of the value of the communication process, but also a challenge, an exercise the courage to face the courage The chance of setbacks.

Causes of separation: This is a short-term part-time, when business to a certain stage you can leave.

■ KFC (20xx, 12 months to March 20xx)

Job Title: Attendants Company description: KFC Yum Group is China's well-known brands, her main idea of implementing the service, and to give customers a cordial and pleasant dining experience.

Job Description: service concept, service slogan is rife, with excellent service concept, capacity has become an important requirement for employment. From the service work, Jian is its ability to service and understanding of their services index, the sense of service training college students.

Separation reasons: because they are students, there is only part-time, when the input learning, in order to complete their studies on the self-request, Shuangxiu professional, resigned.

Educational Background

Graduate institutions: Panyu Vocational and Technical College

The highest academic qualifications: college graduates - 20xx-07-01

A study by the professional: the logistics management of professional 2: International Business Management

The education and training experience:

■ Shenzhen University (September 20xx-present)

Education: Undergraduate title: International Busin

www.b9b8.com ess Management

Professional Description: international business management, risk management, marketing, planning, business management consulting, strategic management handbook, International Marketing, e-commerce Studies, organizational behavior, management systems in the computer application, etc.

■ Panyu Polytechnic (September 20xx-present)

Education: tertiary professional title: Logistics Management

Professional Description: management of the procurement, logistics English, container shipping practices, warehousing and distribution management, logistics and use of information technology, transportation management, supply chain management, economics, economic law, e-commerce, legal basis, operations research, etc. Etc.

■ Shantou suburban secondary school (September 20xx to July 20xx)

Education: High School professional title: knowledge Daquan

Professional Description: learn the knowledge and language, mathematics, English, history, geography, biology, chemistry, physics, political, etc.

■ Panyu Vocational and Technical College (November 20xx to December 20xx)

Training courses: logistics management obtain the certificate: Assistant Wu Liushi card

A detailed description: ? Assistant Wu Liushi be eligible, it will be in production, circulation and services in the areas of procurement, storage, distribution, freight forwarders, information services, such as the operation and management career.

■ China's national training and training institutions (October 20xx to December 20xx)

Training courses: ISO certification system obtain the certificate: ISO Certificate of introspection Members

A detailed description: ISO is the world's largest International Organization for Standardization. Quality management system ISO9001: 20xx is that it's one system, ISO is one of the introspective work. This is a system, to identify potential losses, risk assessment, control of the appropriate decision, the implementation of loss of control and monitoring systems.

Language ability

Foreign Language: English good

Mandarin level: the level of outstanding Cantonese: good

The ability to work and other expertise

In school, I systematic study of the procurement management, supply chain management, warehousing, transportation, distribution center design, logistics management theory and practice of knowledge, learning on the container transport, international trade, documentation and other aspects of knowledge. And the community's demand for qualified personnel to guide the undergraduate minor in international business management, and strive to make their own talents to the compound direction. After school hours, but also strive to learn computer knowledge, the windows98/20xx/xp, such as operating systems and word, excel, and other office software master, through a computer an examination of Guangdong Province, and can skillfully use the

www.b9b8.com Internet. In June 20xx through the application of English Proficiency Test B-class, and achieved outstanding results. In November 20xx, received ISO certification of internal auditors.

Yu also noted that the ability to train, study period has been serving as student leaders. Personally speaking, the successful organization of the planned expansion of the quality of the promotion, held its eighth successful collaborative business simulation market. Was the title of outstanding student leaders. From the exercise of my ability to work, leadership and organization and coordination capacity and enhance their sense of responsibility and the concept of time, can Chikunailao, honesty, self-confidence, dedication. I have a strong practical ability and down-to-earth efforts of every good thing. In addition, the use of the cold summer vacation to participate in social practice, social work and life experience, will learn the application of theoretical knowledge in practice, improve their own hands and the ability to practice skills.

University three years, through the study and in their system, their ability to work and the organization and coordination have greatly enhance the ability and commitment to develop their own analytical capabilities and vision capability. Created good at thinking, pragmatic work style, a strong interest in learning, a strong sense of responsibility, honesty, self-confidence, dedication, innovative vocational training, down-to-earth plan, and do every thing in style. The school has also been affirmed, Panyu won the 20xx Vocational and Technical College graduates of the honorary title of the most competitive.

The past does not represent the future, the real meaning is hard, practical work, I believe that I can adapt quickly to the working environment, familiar with the business, and in the actual work of learning, and constantly improve themselves and do our own work. 如果觉得应聘物流专业英文求职信不错,可以推荐给好友哦。

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