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◆ My interest in the position of Masonry Supply Manager has prompted me to forward my resume for your review an consideration。
  ◆ The sales Manager position advertised in the Chicago Tribune on October 12 intrigues me。 I believe you will find me well-qualified。
  ◆ Your October 30 advertisement in The Jackson Review calls for an Administrative Assistant with a background rich in a variety of administrative skills ,such as mine。
  ◆ My desire to locate a responsible position in plant management has prompted me to forward the attached for your consideration。
  ◆ I am writing to inquire opportunities for computer programmers in your organization。
  ◆ Are you currently seeking a security specialist to maintain or upgrade the security of your organization?If so, I would like to apply for the position。
  ◆ My interest in joining Any Corporation as a licensed electrician had prompted me to forward my resume for your review。
  ◆ Having majored in mathematics at Rice University, where I also worked as a Research Assistant, I am confident that I would make a successful addition to your Economics Research Department。
  ◆ At the suggestion of Walter Durrane, I am enclosing my resume for your consideration pertaining to consulting or related assignments with Any Corporation。
  ◆ I am forwarding my resume in regards to the opening we discussed in your Marketing Department。
  ◆ I want a job。 Not any job with any company,but a particular job with your company。 Here are my reasons:Your organization is more than just a company。 It is an institution in the minds of the Chinese public。
  ◆ Attention of Human Resource Manager:Like many other young men, I am looking for a position。 I want to get started。 At the bottom,perhaps,but started。
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