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I wish to apply for the position of editorial assistant advertised in JobsPower。com。
I have had considerable editorial experience and am familiar with proofreading, rewriting, and production, as well as the more creative aspects of this type of work。 I should like to summarize briefly my experience:
For two years I was employed as managing editor on an ABC weekly newspaper having a circulation of about 30,000。 Here I did a great deal of original writing, wrote the headlines, and worked directly with the printer in setting up the paper。
Previous to 1978 I worked as assistant editor in Baker International Guide Book, where my duties consisted chiefly of reading proof and rewriting, as well as composing lengthy articles and shorter item。
I also worked as assistant editor on a trade journal in the food field the Dairy Weekly, where my tasks were similar to those described above, but also included a great deal of interviewing and personal contact with members of the industry。
All in all, I have had eight years of business experience, and am familiar with all phases of office routine。 At present I am employed as promotion manager on an advertising magazine, the future of which is so uncertain as to make its employees desirous of securing a foothold in a more firmly established organization。
I was graduated from Boston College in June, 1979 with honors, after six years of attendance in the evening session, while working full-time during the day。 I majored in English literature and am continuing my studies in this field at present at Thornton University, where I expect to receive my master's degree in June, 1985。 At Boston I was for two years managing editor of the evening session newspaper。
As much as I should like to join your organization, it would not be advisable for me to do so for less that $9,500, which is my present salary。
I shall be able to call for an interview at your convenience, and shall be able to supply any necessary or examples of my previous work。

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