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April 13,2000
  P。O。 Box 36
  BIIT University
  Beijing,China 100000
  Dear Sir/Madam:
  Now and then corporations send out feelers for just the right type of creative person。 This person must fit very specific criteria。 Usually, after all is said and done, the corporation wants a business person who can manage, create and communicate。 A seasoned professional who‘s been around for a while。
  If you‘ve been looking for this rare combination of business savvy and design expertise, my background might interest you:
  Ten years of working experience。 Solid background in the management of creative up-and-comers。
  Know new technologies that show instant profit, such as CAD/CAM。
  This is but a brief summary of my abilities。 And there is much, much more to share。I feel I have strong marketable skills in which you would be interested。 Please contact me if you would like to hear and see more。
  With many thanks,
  Huang Yan
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