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Dear All:
Now it is time for me to say Bye to everyone of you for being co-working in the last more than two years。
Here, I'd express my sincere thanks to you for the demonstration of team work spirit , and your professional technical/ Management skill and experience really impressed me deeply。

Once you plunging into a new job, that means a new change will happen in your life。 Surely, I think it 's a totally new life-style for me to work in XXX(公司名), there have abounds of definite difference compared with my originals, I am still astonished these changes in my personal life happened in this two years。 Maybe these will still keep a marked sign in my future life。

Good Luck。。。

Yours forever

Hi, Dear all,

As time goes by, finally the day for my leaving FCBGA is coming, I will transfer to CPU IE group from ww49。
Now it's really a hard time for me to say goodbye to you all。 Looking back to past 1 year, those happiness, sadness, great team work do impress me a lot, from you I have learned a lot and gained a lot, really appreciated ur help and support to me during that period we have worked together。
Here I'd like to extend my hearlt-felt thanks to you for giving me such a sweat memory that will be in my mind forever。

Anyway, we are still in the same company, if you need any help from me, just give me a call, I'll always be there for you。
Hope we could have chance to cooperate again in the future!
Wish all of you and FCBGA a bright future!

See you later! *^_^*

Best Regards

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